Buy - Sell & Overhauling of Plastic Processing Machinery

 New and Preowned
Thermoforming and other Plastic Processing machineries


Who we are

Our Team

Yannis Karantzidis, CEO

Yannis Karantzidis, CEO

Position Chief Executive Officer

Beschreibung Mechanical Electrician Engineer since 1996 in overhauling of thermoforming machines and since 1998 on sales of plastic processing machinery

Melina Mouratidou, CFO & Shareholder

Melina Mouratidou, CFO & Shareholder

Position Chief Financial Officer

Beschreibung Shareholder of Mega Plast GmbH since 2000 and Financial Officer since 2004

Fanis Fotiou

Fanis Fotiou

Position Flow Manager

Beschreibung Since 2016 in Team

Jannis Karantzidis

Jannis Karantzidis

Position assistance manager

Beschreibung The New Generation in the company

What we do

Mega Plast GmbH has been providing quality pre-owned machinery for the thermoforming plastic industry, since 2000.


Our mission is to deliver first-class pre-owned equipment in its original condition, in running condition or completely reconditioned.

Due to many years of experience, we are in a position to give optimal advice to our customers regarding purchase & installation of a machine, product manufacture, supply of tools & spare parts or any other additional devices.
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 Mega Plast is not only dealing with used machinery but also repairing, overhauling and conserving machines, depending on the customer's needs, at our workshop. 

The machines can be delivered:

  • In Dry Cycle Condition
  • Tested thoroughly and Optimised at the Mega Plast Workshop
  • Part Overhauled in Dry Cycle Condition.
  • Thoroughly Renewed.
  • In Production Test Run with Customer's Materials & Mold.

Our Workshop in central of Germany 

 We have in stock a great variety of units from well-known manufacturers at competitive prices.


Treasury stock of with a 10 ton Crane on a place enable us to load and unload the machine inside and with a high of 12 m we can remove and store to any place on our store.




We are working with:

experienced technicians that have a remarkable know-how in transportation, installation, and training.

Small taste of what we do.